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Onessus will utilize the EOS Blockchain. We decided to use EOS because we believe greatly in Dan Larimer and the Block One team, also EOS is being built with a strong emphasis on being a Blockchain with commercial scalability and practicality in regards to mainstream adoption. By using EOS, we will have massive scaling capabilities for our platform, and we will start Onessus off on the right foot, enabling our platform to be built to last.

Leveraging Blockchain and AI, our Decentralized Smart Escrow (DSE) provides a unique solution to fraud. Bitcoin succeeded in creating a decentralized means of financial security. However, Bitcoin and the current financial system fail to address the infrastructure issue of transaction exploitability. This has been our primary focus when developing the  economic  engine. We are the world's first project using Blockchain to create a protocol that allows for fully unbiased transactional security.


Inside The Engine


Smart Escrow


Blockchain App



Our Rep-Based Organization System (RBOS) allows users to take the reputation they’ve earned with their business and add employees to their roster using smart contracts to autonomously execute commission splits on any revenue earned by employees. The Onessus browser search algorithm ranks users by reputation. The most trusted users will recieve the most leads in any niche, and the RBOS provides an opportunity for every entrepreneur in the marketplace to seamlessly expand on their hard earned reputation. We believe this system will create security, and encourage teamwork and community as well.

Having a truly unlimited marketplace opens an entire new world of possibility of scale for entrepreneurs working in unison with our RBOS. This functionality significantly lowers the barrier of entry for consumers. Any legal goods or services can be provided securely within the Void market, meaning that this will be a one stop shop for virtually anything. Simplifying the consumption process for consumers.


No Limit Marketplace

Why Void?


With the Void token and the Onessus Economic Engine we are creating an environment where anyone can transact safely, without bias, without limitation, while bringing more possibility to new & existing business owners and consumers than has ever been possible before.


The current payment methods used today are biased when it comes to which parties have protection through each system. We believe an ideal payment gateway and marketplace shouldn’t be biased, or easily exploitable, and should protect both the consumer and seller with 100% equality regardless of what is being sold.

Use Cases

Decentralized Betting & Gambling

Decentralized Ride Sharing

Decentralized House Rentals

Decentralized eCommerce

Decentralized Lending

Decentralized Freelance

Decentralized Digital Asset Exchange

Decentralized Bounties

Decentralized Uber For Everything

Universal Crypto-Exchange

Crypto-Fiat Marketplace

Decentralized Grocery Delivery

Friendly Wagers

Local P2P Food & Restuarant Service


Pluggable Decentralized Escrow

Along with solving major issues in the realm of fraud, our engine will also launch with a plethora of use cases. Multiple of which are practical use cases that no existing project currently offers, and with the scale of  our platform we expect more use cases to come to light in the future. For a more in depth look into our platform's use cases, feel free to read our whitepaper.

COMING SOON By the year 2021 over 50% of all online shopping is projected to be conducted through a mobile device. It is imperative for us to bring our application on mobile as well as desktop.


Open marketplace allows for a diversity of stores to open from any legal business archetype

Can be leveraged as a payment gateway outside of Onessus

Reputation based keyword ranking algorithm

User friendly marketplace navigation

Built to run on mobile and PC

Quick & safe transactions

Borderless trade

Low fees


We were inspired to create Onessus after many clients, friends and family were falling victim to eCommerce fraud. Being involved in the Blockchain space for over half a decade we believed this was an unnecessary issue and Blockchain tech could provide a simple fix. However, no development teams have tackled this issue properly, and many of the ones that are trying to have projects built on very flawed and unsustainable business models. Our mission at Onessus is to usher in a new age of trade and commerce, where becoming a victim of eCommerce fraud is near impossible, and no longer a common happening that people just have to “deal with”. We spent the last 24 months developing The Onessus Economic Engine infrastructure, producing a viable business model, and carefully assembling a team of brilliant experts all with one key factor in common. Capacity to execute, with consistency and effectivity.

Dante Scott

Jon Scott

Max Gravitt

Co-Founder & CEO

Co-Founder & Creative Director

Full Stack & EOSIO Lead

Mansi Iyengar

Prasanjit Dey

Front-End Developer

UI/UX Developer

Partners & Supporters







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Void is the token that fuels The Onessus Economic Engine. An economic engine is a term invented by the founders of the Void Token, used to describe a network that can theoretically run the entire world's economy within a single system securely, and efficiently.



No need for external

  • currencies
  • payment gateways
  • marketplaces
  • intermediaries

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